We had a great two weeks in Tryon and are so proud of each of our riders! Congratulations and thank you to each of you for a wonderful show.

Week 3

  • Stella Helm and “Stonewashed” dominated the Pre-Children’s Hunter division winning an over fences round and placing 2nd in the U/S and Hunter Challenge round.
  • Charli Lally and “With A Twist” placing 3rd in the Pre-Children’s Hunter over fences round and 4th in the U/S, and brought home ribbons in the 12-14 Equitation 2’9” division.
  • Rachel Resch and “Yes Indeed” brought home ribbons in the competitive Junior Hunter 3’3” division. “Yes Indeed” also came in 5th for the $1000 3’/3’3” Green Incentive with Christina Schweir as the rider.
  • Rachel Resch and “Babalou” placed 10th in the $300 Low Children’s Jumper Stake 1.0m.
  • Hannah Klinedinst and “Caymus” placing 3rd in the Adult Equitation Flat and 4th in Adult Equitation Over Fences rounds, coming in 4th and 8th for the Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 rounds, and placing 5th in the $500 NAL/WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 Classic.
  • Hannah Klinedinst and “MTM Tourino” placing 10th in the $500 NAL/WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35 Classic.
  • Lucas Brawley and “Happy Days” placing in every Walk-Trot-Canter class and both Cross-Rails 12 and under classes.
  • Christina Schweir and “Lucky Luke” coming in 10th for the $2000 1.30m Open Jumper Stake.

Week 4

  • Rachel Resch and “Yes Indeed” had solid placings in the 3’3” Junior Hunters. “Yes Indeed” also came in 4th in the $1000 3’/3’3” Green Incentive with trainer Christina Schweir.
  • Rachel Resch and “Babalou” put in great rounds in the Low Children’s Jumpers and took 5th in one of their classes.
  • Hannah Klinedinst and “MTM Tourino” took home 5th in the $500 NAL/WIHS Adult-Am Hunter 18-35 Classic.
  • Stella Helm and “Stonewashed” placed in all of her over fences classes in her Pre-Children’s Hunter 2’6” division and placed 2nd in the Pre-Children’s Hunter Challenge.
  • Hannah Klinedinst and “Caymus” won 1st in the Ariat Adult Medal and 2nd in the $500 NAL/WIHS Adult-Am Hunter 18-35 Classic.
  • Charli Lally and “With a Twist” placed 7th in two competitive Children’s Hunter classes and 7th in the $500 NAL/WIHS Children’s Hunter 14 & Under Classic.
  • Charli Lally and “Calvino” took home Reserve Champion in the Foothills Child/Adult-Amateur Hunter 2’.
  • Christina Schweir and “Lucky Luke” placed 6th in a 1.30m class among killer competition.
  • Happy Days and Lucas Brawley had a blast in the crossrails division, placing in every class!