A very successful day at Hidden Lake for Brawley Farms! 

Chappel Clifton on our very own “Thunder” competed in the Limit Walk/Trot poles and Walk/Trot crossrails! Consistently in the top 6 in a big group of Walk/Trot riders and a 3rd place on the flat! Laine Casebolt on “Sarah Pacini” also competed in the Limit Walk/Trot Poles, earning a 2nd and 3rd in their over poles classes. This was Chappel and Laine's very first horse show!

Lucas Brawley rode his pony “Miracle on 34th” in the Walk/Trot poles division, winning a class over poles and claiming the Reserve Championship!

Vaughn Miller moved up to the 2 ft division for the first time on her pony “Best Kept Secret”! She earned great prizes in both the crossrails and the 2ft, and she rode to the win in the eq flat!