"When Bob Brawley moved to Southern California 15 years ago to further his horseback riding career, he had no idea he’d wind up meeting his future wife. And, in an ironic twist, it turned out she actually knew quite a bit about this total stranger.

As the story goes, Dana Brawley was an accomplished rider, too, and, though she hadn’t met Bob or his family, she was well aware of how well-respected the Brawley name was throughout the equestrian world. In fact, ever since she was 17, she had been riding horses at Blue Fox Farm, a sales barn located in Escondido, California. The sales barn accepted horses from all over the country, but Dana preferred to ride horses that came from Brawley Farms in Oregon.

“If it was a horse from Bob Brawley, then I wanted it,” Dana said with a laugh. “Who knew we’d meet 15 years later? Now, I am a Brawley. Nancy and Kenny Nordstrom, our mutual friends, introduced us, and we never looked back.” Bob agreed in his soft-spoken yet engaging voice. “It’s quite a story,” he said with a smile."

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Photo courtesy of David Erdek